we never meet but we'll meet insha'Allah

Salam aleykom...

Today post is a special post MySpace, in here i posted some my craziest friends i have, they're my best, they are always listening to me when i want to talk to, they're also funny (and bit crazy u know).. MySpaceyeah, we never meet before, but insha'Allah we'll meet later (immediately, this year? yeah i hope so) MySpace..
lets check it out!

Nah, you see the sleepy face in ur left side?? his name is Sulaiman Hejazi, he's older than me (how happy i am MySpace), he studying at KL, i called him abang, in indo language abang means "big brother", i assumed him as my brother, he's really funny person when he talk with mixed bahasa-english language (like Cinta Laura)... the unforgetable moment with him is when i chatting via MSN with him long-long time a go and webcaming, and i show to him medical big book and he really surprised when seing it (25 cm in thickness) MySpace
Hey, u called abu dawood!! why??

How about this one?
This is Profesor. Dr. Mohammed Basradah, B.Sc (Hons), XYZ. you see the profesor face in here MySpace, yeah, i think he really intelligent MySpace(you too sulaiman!! dont be jealous), he's from Yemen, the place of my grand grand grandpa live (hadhramaut), some of his friends (including me) called him abu naser, i dont know why, do u have a son named naser ya abu nasser?? MySpace

Next is:
Ayman El Nagar, you can see his photo like cassete cover of famous singer (Amr Diab, eh?) MySpace, he's from egypt ( i always difficult to say "egypt" in english, very easy to say egypt by using arabic, yeaah, misr..), when i see his facebook profile his bio sounds:
"iam so simple person....never lost the smile on my face and trying to put a smile on my friends faces too :D ~all my dreams to live with my woman in love forever together...! ~so ask .. if you want to know more :P"---> s
ound sool isn't it? MySpace
You see the bold type in words above?? he's dreams is live with his own lovely woman forever and together, Ya Allah, i said "AMEEEEEEN YA ALLAH"...
Yeah,i believe him! he's really simple person..

Yeah, Arryn!!
my beloved friend!! we met when we was in JHS~
Arryn, difficult to describe her.. arryn is arr
yn.. (gue kehabisan kata2 buat elo, temen gw yang paling gw sayangin).. pokoknya the smart-lah... Civitas Academica of Indonesia Uniersity MySpace

That's all my beloved friends, we (maybe) ever misunderstanding each other but its ok, friendship without the existence of restriction is not engrossed at all~

(ur busy friend, SbMD)--> (ur youngest friend, im 19 btw) MySpace


ayman elngar said...

well..my cassette advertisements YOU will do it.........you started already :P
im so happy to be in the same place with those great people :D
im really speechless my bro..THANK U soo much :)

Shaleh said...