Its better if you don't know me deeper

Hahahaa, that sentence made my brother felt sooo curious, i realized it, but in that sentence there's a deep meaning (actually not, its just my own work to adding the meaning by my self).. the meaning iss...... just be my friends, and let others know that we're best friend and and let it flow as the dynamic of friendship.. you know my friend, in this life there are so many events that we don't realize between you and me, suddenly we can be a moody person, suddenly we can be a funny person, suddenly we can be a flat person (like this: -.- )

Hahaha, by writing this note made me remember my friends called me "MR.ANGRIER", yaaah i should be angrier in my college, but alhamdulillah my friends still love me and they knew my style, so there's no problem at all, they just stay away from me if my face like an evil (it means: BEWARE OF SALIH)... huuuu, forget it..

I'd like to make my freinds feeling curious about me, coz this habit made me happy, i like seeing my freinds face when they're confusing something and feeling curious about me, they always say "why?? why salih??" and i just said nothing and smiling up to them.. hehehe

WHOOOOOOOOOOOO.... i cant believe it, im 19 yo, and my feeling said like yesterday i graduated from my high school and now im here, in AUSM, the place for white coat person, serious person and the place for our mental is underspressuring, but its ok i can enjoy it so far. i'd like to say many thanks to AUSM, since i set down my feet in here i found so many changes in my life, my eyes is so opened widely and AUSM made me more mature day by day.. but the most important in my life after my family is FRIENDSHIP, i found the valuable mistery in here, in facebook, in MSN, in international ratio.. yaaah, friendship means everything.. one thing that i cant forget it from my brother is no friends = no life, i am absolutely 100% agree with him (oh why in some of the time he can be so wise?? )

Hey bro, if you read this post, its my reason why i always said "its better if u dont know me deeper" but dont worry you're very allowed to know me deeper, because that sentence just unimportant and useless too, so keep ask me what do you want to ask!!

تسلملي يا سليمان

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