Question from me!!

Remember, huh??

1. Answer it by yourself
2. Do not lie to me
3. Answer the questions immediately, i don't accept pending answer
4. Answer all of the questions
5. You can ask me if the questions is unclear
6. Joking is very very very allowed (let's laugh)
7. The questioner (it's me) have a special privelege to adding or stopping asking questions to you, he'll tell you why if ask it
8. Before we start, we have to smile and relax
9. Pray besme Allah before i give you 1st question

Any questions?
Ready, mate?

Do you have problem that made badmood now? or are thinking the problem now? Answer with YES or NO only [mental or social problem only, NOT physical or medical problem]

How could we meet? Do you still remember?

Tell me what're make you angry? badmood or sad?

Have you applied healthy lifestyle in our life? (doctor's instinct)

Who is Salih? crticize him! is he evil person? bad boy? flat person?

Do you know Salih's dislike?

What do you think about Salih?

Is Salih your best friend? or more than best friend?

Why do you listed him like that?

Do you love him as you listed before?

Explain by your own words, what's the meaning of friendship? (using dictionary is prohibited :p )

If Salih made you sad or angry because of misunderstanding oe he has something to do and leaving you for a looooooooooooong time. Will you forgive him? (explain it!)

If Salih is angry to you because of an unclear reason, what will you do? keep silent or what??

If Salih is leaving you and loss contact with you (don't reply your email, sms or whatever) for a looooong time and he doesn't care about you, what's your feeling about Salih? and what will you do?

If you want Salih for to do something or anything and he can't help you or he has business that impossible to leave it, what will you do?

What's your definition about "angry"?

How? if there's no Salih? (Assume he died 3 months ago)

Will you forgive Salih if Salih passed away?

What are you doing when you heard that Salih passed away since 3 months ago?



Anonymous said...

ngga ngerti harus komen apa.
mau baca tulisan lain juga full bahasa arab gundul, akhii. hiks hiks..

Shaleh said...

Hehehe, sorry mas hafid, bahasa ibu sih...