Today i have a biochemistry class, the topic is Xenobiotics Metabolism, Xeno means strange and biotic means something alive. simple but you must be carefull to implementating in medical life. Ok, forget the xonobiotics metabolism, this note a bit "xeno", u know, i mean a bit strange.. just read..

@ Physiology Gazebo, 9 November 2010, 15 PM

Im sitting here
With my friends
Do nothing...
Just writing this stuff and listening to the music
Unimportant, i knew
I dont know what should i do now
Once more, just listening my mp3 collections in my mobile phone
Sometime laughing with my friends because of the some funny topic

And in the gap of the time
I remembered with something i ever thought
My future...
My family...
My friends...
My life...
In this gloomy day, whic is situation i like
I also feeling so lonely (although beside me so many friends)
I dont know why...
But dont worry, its just for a while
I can smiling up again then.

I regreted many things
And i also ever failed in some aspects
But it's OK
Its really my fault and im sure it will be...

19.30 PM (in my own boat)
Best for me in next time

I miss my friends in فرقة العربية when i was 13
And i also miss my (almh) arabic teacher (Ida Royani) when i was 10

I have so many dreams, a big dremas
Maybe you think im only a dreamer
Yeah, u're right, u know, everything is happened start from the dreams...

For my best friends, thanks for accepted me as ur friend, im really happy having u all
No friends no life... (Thx SH)

ps: i dont know why i write this unimportant note MySpace

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