Amr Diab - One of Us - عمرو دياب - واحد منا - Wahed Menena

This song was made for Hosni Mubarak, FORMER President of Egypt. Congratulations Egypt that you can finally watch this video and laugh.

Amr Diab - One of Us

He who sacrificed for his country in order to bring back the day (this could be "the one who" or "those who," i.e. generic genderless third person but we know it's about him)
And for whom the name of Egypt represented strength and victory

He whose dream is our dream
He whose joy is our joy
The Nile flows in his blood and ours

He is one of us, yes one of us

What is Egypt but trueness and people with good hearts?
Egypt is the hand building for our children the dream of tomorrow and years ahead

And he who holds her (Egypt's) name high
Is worth more to us than our own lives

He is one of us, yes one of us

عمرو دیاب - واحد مننا

اللي ضحي لأجل وطنه لأجل ما يعود النهار و اللي أسم مصر دايما كان له طاقة الإنتصار ..

اللي حلمه حلمنا .. و اللي فرحه فرحنا .. اللي نهر النيل بيجري جوه دمه و دمنا ..
يبقي واحد مننا .. أيوة واحد مننا ..

مصر إيه غير الأصالة و القلوب الطيبين
مصر إيد تبني لولادنا .. حلم بكرة و السنين

و اللي يرفع أسمها .. يبقي أغلي عندنا من حياتنا نفسها ..
يبقي واحد مننا .. أيوة واحد منن


sunsetdawn said...

Hi brother... I found your blog again, so happy for that. I really love this song that plays on here. Hope all is well with you, you remain in my prayers always insha'allah.

Shaleh said...

Hi Aisha :)
Really miss you, i miss everything in facebook and my brothership with the others in facebook too..
Alhamdulillah, im ok..
Please keep remain me in your prayer, sister.. i always need it :)..
Thanks for everything, i love you.

sunsetdawn said...

Love you more akhy ;-)

I was just cleaning out my emails and just found this reply from you.

I hope you are always fine and keep a smile on your face Insha'Allah

Love in my <3 for you always!

sunsetdawn said...

Where O' where did the music go too?