The Cube

Believe me, i'm using The Cube - Celcom
Thanks The Cube ^_^

So, what's THE CUBE ??
Okay, While i'm in Malaysia, im using Celcom, and actually i realy dont know what's the cube about, here is the information about The Cubbe that i found, kep reading and it's interesting i think :).

This is the look of The Cube Website :

The Cube was finally revealed on 15th September 2011 at Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand, Kota Damansara

It’s the only mobile content portal that gives you the hottest tunes, the latest buzz, the most fun games and more! Whether you’re a Lady Gaga fan or a Liverpool fanatic, you can go to for the fix to your addiction.
You’ll be able to check out the best in music, sports, games, wallpapers and loads of other EXCLUSIVE content for your mobile. New and fresh content will be constantly updated in The Cube, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.

There will also be contests, movie extras, sport tie-ins and more to give you an experience that is simply out of the box!
Get your dose of Call Me Tones, Songs, Mobile Games, Wallpapers and much much moreThe Cube makes sure that you stay hip and cool and so be quick and get on it now! (Saimatkong, 2011)

And what's my opinion about The Cube??
Yep, Overall everything is good, I'm stay connected with my family and my friends in Malaysia, for calling, twitter-ing and facebook-ing, I'm using The Cube, it's really cheap!! I love using The Cube.

I still remember when I called the Customer Service of The Cube just to asking how to activating the GPRS for internet connection by using my mobile phone, Yeah, my mobile phone is not high-tech enough (but I love him, he accompanied me wherever I am). The Customer Service of The Cube told me clearly how to activating GPRS kindly. The Cube never make difficult my business while I'm joining MSS2011.

Well, I'm not using all the facilities from The Cube like RBT, news about music, sports, and downloading wallpapers, but with using The Cube and I felt the advantage and the simplicity using that spectacular SIM Card I have no doubt to ask someone and my whole family to using The Cube next time, and I'm sure in the next visit to Malaysia I WILL USING THE CUBE!! I AM PROMISE!!

So, what are you waiting for??
Check out the website at or direct from your mobile at NOW!!

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