Have fun la...

Day 2...

Well, I'm not the first one who woke up in the early morning just wanted to see sunrise at Golden Palm Tree, believe me I can't sleep well in that night, I was os excited till I cant sleep -__-, Yeah, that's the fact, sleeping in the luxury hotel, with full of amazing facilities, I should sleep tightly but I can't T.T. I heard from somebody that the Sunrise in there is awesome. Yeah, i showered at 6.30 am then go out from my room and I saw 3 persons took their camera and took the pics of the sunrise, huuufft, I thought I was late but thanks God, i'm not late and i saw beautiful sunrise in Selangor :).
Nice sunrise :)

After we had our breakfast at Bila- Bila Restaurant (like I said before, the breakfast is delicious, beef bacon, nasi lemak, orange and melon juice, omelet) feeling so full.
Oh yeah, you have to know that while we take the breakfast together, I declared to alll MSS2011 Participants (and thanks to Kakak Ma for published into her twitter account) that "SEDIH, KECEWA, BERHEMAT, ADALAH SESUATU YANG HARAM OR PROHIBITED IN MSS2011"
We continue our activity to play water sport in the beach, poor I am, I can't try the sailing boat bcs have no time :(, I just tried kayaking and playing with speedboat (speedboat but not moving, hehehe). And also the other spending their time by playing volley beach, nope, I dont want to play volley beach, I can't playing that game and the last time I played that game my hand became reddish and its hurt, hehehe, so I become the supporter for each time (ha?)
Eeewww... it's not moving at all :P

Kayaking with Ridha

Satisfied with water sport it's the time for cycling tour by Golden Palm Tree. We cycling around the Golden Palm Tree, near the beach, seeing the best scenery of mangrove trees, seeing the colourfull of crabs (they're cute). But after cycling-fun my leg became sooooooo tired, all over my body sooo tired, even for walk one step I felt so strange, like my leg tied by bunch of stones and my steps became so heavy,, pheeewww... (sad that I can't bring my own camera to take pics of the cycling activity :( )

Thanks to @SelangorEvents for took this amazing photo XD
In the night, its really spectacular u know!! I'm dancing in the stage with Mbak Suzan!! Waaawwaaawwwaaaawww.. its my first time I do that, im used to shy if someone asked me to do so, but I dunno why, in front of Hotel Guests I did that without feeling shy, im just happy and happy, forget everything, like Amelia's said "have fun and have fun". BE HAPPY LA..

Thanks to Golden Palm Tree Resort and Spa for the amazing hospitality :D

No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg Bagan Lalang,
43950 Sungai Pelek,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


+603 3182 3600

+603 3182 3700

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*to be continued

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The Wanderer said...

Hey! I didn't know it was your first time up at the stage :) You looked like someone who loves joining the performances. Kudos for going out of your comfort zone Shaleh and good to know you had fun :D

Shaleh said...

Hehehehehe.. that's i am!!
I never dance in the stage..

But i love to do it (100%), I love dancing :D