The Last Day

Day 5...

What?? waktu balik?? ke Indonesia lagi?? :(
Thanks for Tian Chad, awesome shot!! :D
I will not forget this nice memory.
UUUhhhhhhhh, have to wake up at 4am Malaysian time -.-, my flight to Johor Bahru is at 7.25 am,, luckily i've been packed my stuff in the night before, without saying good bye to another participants I and Gita and Andi and Akak Siti went to Subang Jaya Skypark Airport. T.T really sad without saying good bye to them, to Amelia Tan and another commitees. Okay la, i just met Sher, he and his friend (im forgot the name but he has a moustache like mine :P ) take me to the airport and... yaah, GOOD BYE SHER!!
Gita is tired, lack of sleep, huh??

Take a pose at Subang Skypark Airport :)
With ATR Firefly - Gita, Akak Siti, Andi

Last words, I can't say anything.. I just wanna say... Thanks Malaysia, Thanks Selangor, Thanks MySelangorStory 2011, Thanks Amelia and committess, Thanks a bunch to my new friends... 

Terimakasih - Shookran -Merci -Gracias - Tashakkoor

ps: Akak Siti, terimakasih sekali dah hantar kitorang ke Kulai Mall di Johor Bahru :D

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The Wanderer said...

That guy with Sher, his name is Hazreen :) It was sad to not be able to say goodbye but! Like Awana's motto - we never say goodbye, we say when can we meet again? :)

Shaleh said...

Yaaah, no need to say goodbye. Oka, Dian, When can we meet again??, i miss u!!
and all of participants also :D