MSS2011 Competition Begins

Day 1

Yeaaah!! finally i started to write down my story,.. sorry, My Selangor Story exactly.. REACH Malaysia took so loooooong time, u know!! The joruney from Surabaya to Malaysia took 15 hours!! SEE!! 15 hours!! I think i m just like backpacker, i only bring 1 ransel and 1 luggage.. Okay let me tell you my journey before i get to Malaysia..

My Stuffs

I was in the Pharmacology class with my beloved research supervisor, suddenly Andi Gita (Andi), texted me that i have to open my email, what email huh?? Amelia (the Commiee Head of MySelangorStory) wanted me to reply her's email before 5pm, and at that time was almost 5pm.. without any long thinking directly I went to library and open my mailbox and reply her email asap. I was sad because her email said that there's no flight from Surabaya to Johor Bahru because the flight is full. Thanks Lord Andi Gita alredy booked the flight from Surabaya to Medan so we can go to Malaysia successfully.

Okay.. we flied from Surabaya to Jakarta first, we flied at 9.50 pm and arrived safely at 10.50 pm, we were sooo tired because in the morning till afternoon we had a classes and practical classes, then we tried to sleep in the airport but its useless, we afraid lost our baggage so we just studying (huffft) and eating (Thanks to Gita's Mom).

And in the early morning we gotta fly to Medan (and it was my first time too in Medan), in Medan someone who I dont know asked me to talk, and he introduced himself to me, He is Abang Hijrah, MSS Participant from Banda Aceh, hehehe, i got new friend then, he is nice guy and talkactive, and since iI knew him I considered him as my own brother. And from Medan we flied to Subang directly.

Firefly, my first ATR :)

Me - Gita and Syazana (The Stewardee of Firefly)

Subang - Malaysia, I came!!
Arrived in Subang safely and happy :D, in Amelia's email, she said that someone will meet us in the Starbucks at Subang Skypark Airport, but no one using MSS name tag or wearing MSS shirt, we were confused and scared, we never go to Subang before, Luckyly, Abang Hijrah called one of the commitee and not more than 15 minutes Sher (the MSS Committe and thanks :') ) picked us up and take us to the The Mix - Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur. And our competition has began.

Yeaaaaah, its opening ceremony (kicked off by Amelia Tan)

Then we continue our journey to Golden Palm Tree Hotel in Sepang - Selangor. very nice resort, I love it so much! There I shared my room with Nigel, Ridha and Fahmi. They're very nice and very friendly, im happy to joined this competition just because I met new friends, new experiences, aaaaandd as my hobby; backpacking :D. In the night we dinner at Sepoi - Sepoi Restaurant, you know what?? The food in there are really good, I love all the foods there, I can not say "Owh, it taste not good" NO!! Everything in MSS2011 is AWESOME and SPECTACULAR (food, activities, etc)

Aerial photograph of Golden Palm Tree Hotel - taken from Google Images

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Big hug and thanks to :

Tourism Boards : Tourism Selangor
Official Airlines : Firefly
Official Restaurant : The Mix
Official Resort and Spa : Golden Palm Tree
Official Resort : Genting Highlands
Official Internet : The Cube
Official Camea : Pentax

*to be continued

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Jard The Great said...

waa... seems enjoyable flying with fireflyz. thank god you managed to reply amelia's email ontime

Shaleh said...

@jard_ness Alhamdulillah... it was crazy and panick periode.. im really scared and stressed out at that time

@helgaindra said...

masih sempet2nya blajar pas di selangor
ckckck bener2 orang pintar nih

nice to know you bro!

Shaleh said...

@HelgaIndra gue jadi ngerasa murid paling idiot pas masuk kuliah T.T

The Wanderer said...

Hehe actually the bus left 30 minutes before you arrived, that's why you didn't see any of us there earlier. But glad to have you at the Press Con!

Shaleh said...

Hufftt,, akak dian, dah rasa takut pas masa tu.. Xde sesiapapun!! Who will take care of us then if Bang Sher tak datang?? >.<