Wonderful Loaned Pentax Optio WS 80 Waterproof

Pentax Optio WS80 White

Blurrrp blurrrpp blurrrpp.. I can;t breath -__-"

Well, today this blog post is about loaned camera from MySelangorStory 2011. What?? Why loaned?? Hehehe, ofcourse it's loaned. Pentax is the official camera sponsor of MySelangorStory 2011 event. It's nice you know. When Amelia asked us "Who want this Waterproof camera??!". I raised my hand quickly then I got it!!
Thanks to Olivya for this photo, and Ester as the model :P

Please view this video about my loaned camera :P

And how about the photo result, huh?? Are sure you sure you wanna see the photos i've taken??..
Just scroll down and you'll see!! XD

Finally :') I can take pic underwater

Oh yeah guys, both of you like doing underwater prewedding photo

Courage!!! Look at me and Ridha :D strong guys!!


siNneRsmiLe said...

waaaaa senengnya berendemmmm XD

Shaleh said...

Kemarin2 kok ndak ikut bro??
Kan asiik barengan!!