Sulaiman ~ Saleh ~ Mohammed

Today i made more than 2 blog posts, but this post really special because i'll write something special (ofcourse!), and u know what??


We met?? who, Saleh??
Okay okay, just shut up your mouth and i'll begin the story.

Do you remeber this post?

we never meet but we'll meet insha'Allah

Have u read it??

Guys, I finally met with you, Sulaiman Faiez Hejazi and Mohammed Basradah, my beloved brothers, my heroes, my favorite, my craziest brother, etc.
Guys, I still can't believe we already meet. Time flowing so fast :'(

Do not disturb the boss! Blacky shirt in the dark

No no no, it's only for Yemeni

Sulaiman om-om girang and I would like to eat someone -.-

The Facebook Breaker XD

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