Unforgettable Night for Nigel

Day 3...

Thanks a bunch for Tian Chad for this awesome animation
Unforunately it doesnt work well in my blog :( 

Good bye Golden Palm Tree Hotel and Welcome to Genting Highland.
The time for adventure at Genting Highland in Awana Long House!! Yeah.. this place is really @#$%$ at first (jungle, no mobile phone signal, creepy creatures), but.. its amazing place and I erased my negative thinking about the jungle.. in the jungle, cold, sooo green and fresh.. I tried repelling for many times and doing something crazy with another participants, take pictures and so on.
Look at my expression -__- (downloaded from here)

In the night we ate so many sea foods at Pasar Ikan Bakar Awana Genting Highlands near Awana Long House, ofcourse I ate with nasi lemak, I think I can't be apart with nasi lemak, always nasi lemak everywhere, ofcourse la, nasi lemak is "makanan khas dari Malaysia"

Means Ikan mesti kena dibakar :D

And this is the unexpected event, i can't believe that MSS held this event for MSS participants, its crazy!!, u know what?? WE HAVE TO WALK IN THE JUNGLE ALONE AND OUR EYES ARE CLOSED, whooaaaa its challenging :D. and Thanks God, I'm still alive!! Suddenly Akak Fairooz whispered at me that we'll give Nigel's Birthday Surprise. Aaaaaaaahhh, I'm really excited, we have to wait Nigel, because Nigel is the last person who walk in the jungle alone.

Congrats Nigel, apa pula tu Zaid?? nak cake ke?

Nigel, thanks for your wish, now your wish is come true, we are still connected although distances separates all of us :')

Yeah, I will never ever forget the stories and all the nice memories in MSS2011, although it's the 3rd days, I got so many beautiful lessons about friendship, making relationship, sharing anything and entertain people. I'm really proud and happy having a nice neighbor country like Malaysia. (oh please don't ask me to continue writing, I'm gonna crying)

Thanks to Resort World Genting :D
Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort
KM13, Genting Highlands
69000 Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Telephone: (603) 6436 9000
Facsimile: (603) 6101 3535

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*to be continued

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The Wanderer said...

*High five* I love nasi lemak and I think during the trip, whenever there's nasi lemak available, I eat it too!

Shaleh said...

I like nasi lemak too, but not everyday i caneat it.. Im used to eat different food everyday :P