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Yeah, long time no blog post again, yeah, actually im not to busy, just a bit lazy to write, hehe MySpace

Now I really wanna write about Education System, especially in Medical side.
Okay, lets start, my University is Airlangga University, or you can call it AU. It’s the second oldest University in Indonesia (for medical fqaculty, how proud I am, yeaay). And how about my faculty? Actually before my faculty had name Djakarta Ika Daigaku, it’s Japanese language which is means Medical School of Jakarta (it’s in Surabaya why Jakarta? -_- )and then changed again into Nederlandsch Indische Artsen School when Indonesia colonized by Holland. And then now it became Airlangga University School of Medicine (AUSM) or FMAU (Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University).

AUSM now and the past (1950)

My friends (even my lecturers) sometimes whining about the medical education system in here, they said “it’s too long for us or it’s too hard, it’s so unprofessional:. Well, the ministry of health of Indonesia must be very confuse to face their protests. I can do what, huh? Last week ago, I and my lecturer talked about medical education system in Indonesia, she said what, huh?
“Shaleh, the medical education system in here are not quite good I think, in one side there’s a team which is wanted us to become professional but in other side they wanted us to become bla bla bla”
I don’t want to continue her speech, because im really sad to remember it.

So, what’s the best (at least) medical education system especially for Medical students from my perspective?

It depends on the country where the medical students live, for example; my med school, Indonesia is a tropical country which is TB is the most big problem disease, so we have a good (super good) medical subjects in microbiology, internal medicine. And another sample Indonesia is also the biggest population in the world, so the obgyn subject here is quite good I think.

We are not robot, right? We are also human, who have body, ever tired, ever bored, so please treat us like a human NOT robot. Why I said like that? According my experience I saw that medical student (co-ass) or young doctor ever stayed in the hospital without sleep for 3 days!! Can you imagine that?

Hufft, so hard to talk about this topic, but I already found the good article for you to read, just click here

Well, im not a medical student who really care about Indonesia’s problem, but at least I have to show my care to Indonesia, however, this country is the place where I live, where Im studying, etc. but this blog post (insha Allah) showing my care to Indonesia


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