You are watching me

Hey, how are you, girl??

Long time no see, no talk, no Skype-ing.
Yeah, i miss you so badly, but we already agreed that we will communicate in a right way (Islamic way i think), not everyday, not every minute, just for an super-duper important. I'll keep it.

Now, i'll face my Anatomic Pathology's exam for mid test, wish me luck.
I opened my blog and i saw you being "stalker" in my blog, hehehe.. GOTCHA!!

Look at this picture, its you, isn't it?

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A visitor from Irvine, Californiaviewed ".::. بلدي النشاط اليومي في الكلمات .::. حياتي في الكلمات" 8 hours 33 mins ago
A visitor from Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuanviewed "النشاط اليومي في الكلمات .::. حياتي في الكلمات .::. بلدي" 1 day 8 hours ago
A visitor from Beijingarrived from and viewed "ي النشاط اليومي في الكلمات .::. حياتي في الكلمات .::. بلد" 1 day 8 hours ago
A visitor from Vandoeuvre-lès-nancy, Lorrainearrived from and viewed "ي الكلمات .::. حياتي في الكلمات .::. بلدي النشاط اليومي ف" 1 day 13 hours ago

See, you are in the last one "A visitor from Vandoeuvre-les nancy, Lorraine bla bla bla..", only you and I who know..


Anonymous said...

OMG, big brother is really watching us!!!
It's crazy, I do something here and you are informed there. 12000km beetwen us but it's like nothing with internet!
(I'm not a stalker...:), if I come here it's just to have some news without talking together..)

But, we must keep our promise, only super important things..

Take care, may Allah make easier your exam, Amine.

Salam aalaykoum

Shaleh said...

WALLAHE YA Anonymous.. heheh, i can not stop laugh after read your comment!!

Yeah, you can open this blog whenever you want to get some informations about me and around me.

Promise is promis,, Yep, im holding it.