I don't have any plan for this holiday..
My father cancelled my plan..
All i know is i have to follow his rules.
I can refuse him if i want
And i can go anywhere without telling him

I'm no longer teenager
I'm no longer their baby
I'm 20 years old
I can do everything that i want
But it's not that easy..

Always obey their words.
Should I rebel them?
Honestly, I'm sick bounded by them.
I wanna be free, I wanna choose my way.

mess mind


Anonymous said...

Salam aaleikoum,
You know that if your parents cancelled your plan it's not for pleasure, but certainly because it's better for you....

20 yo it's very young (22 also), you are not a baby and I'm sure you know what you do and you are very responsible (very), but most of time they know what is the best for you.

You can disobey them if you want, but you'll never be happy if you take this way. Trust me..

Ummuka, ummuka, ummuka...wa abuka.
You'll always find them by your side, and if we success in our life, most of time it's Thanks to their du'a they make for us....

Don't be in a rush, one day tu pourras "voler de tes propres ailes".

Maybe you wrote this article because you are a bit angry, but One day You told me:
"Sure we have different opinions and sometimes im screaming in front of them just to make sure what im doing is right. In the last i realized that im wrong , but they're still smiling up to me and encouraging me to do the best."

I know it's not always easy, but when you'll be an old man you'll understand them inchaAllah ;)

Take care akhi

Wa Salam aaleikoum

Anonymous said...

*big hug via internet*

Your friend.