I am a medical student so I am generally busy can you please suggest some good hobbies which I can take up without wasting much time:)?
and the answers are :
In my opinion, you may involve yourself with sports during your free time. Regularly indulging in sports helps in keeping the immune system strong and hence, prevents any kind of disease from occurring. It also increases the appetite of the person.
Saleh's opinion:
Okay, I am agree with pkioko, I love sports too, but I am not at certain sports. Hey, wait?? You talk about immune system?? Pleaseee!! I dont want to talk about it!! Yeah I know I know.. Just stop it!! I dont like wallah!!
Cooking is a fun hobby, an it saves money from not eating out! Healthier, too, and you can bring leftovers to class for lunch.
Saleh's opinion:
Yes!! I am really agree, but.... I can;t cook! I just can cook scrambled eggs, shakshook, niling water, instant noodles, fried egg, omelette. Only that, simple foods :D is fun.
Saleh's opinion:
Your answer is not important, catamaraca... zZzZzZzZZZzzz...

You shud try writing poems and short stories
Saleh's opinion:
Yes! but I have no time to write, but at least once a month I can make one poem. Actually at the first year at Medical School I ever made short stories, but now... Yeah... busy..

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