Is it me?

Ya, I just found this FB Apps via Feeq's weblog ^^
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Okay, some people told me that I am hardhearted and selfish sometime (not most of the time), always tend to have lots of family?? Not really, but yeah, I ever have a fight with my brothers because of food (but it's long-long time ago).

Me? Not cool?? You are wrong, I am feeling cool with what I have so far, I am unique you know, you can't found person named Saleh in my medical school, it's only ME! hahahaha *blushing*.

You also said that I'll have brilliant kids, yes ofcourse I'll have them, and I am sure it's because of my wife, I don't have brilliant brain at all, some people said that if you accepted in medical school it's means that you are smart enough, but not for me, I am still feeling stupid, I have to learnagain and again, remember! Allah's science is more than the ocean in this world, you can't write Allah's science if the ink are as  much as ocean in this world.

Ofcourse I'll have a family in the future and I have lots of friends right now, and as a cool boy I have to be kind to them, hehehe. but wait.... except for men born on the 21st?? why?? It's ridiculous -___-

I love my freedom, but I have the limitation for my freedom and YES!! I am ambitious!!I admit it!

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