Ommi - Yemma - Madar

Hello guys, I am sorry I didn't update my blog because I am enjoying my summer holiday fully, I am really sorry ok, really-really and very-very sorry..

Today I wanna tell you how big my love to my mother, ommi, yemma and madar. Ommi is "my mother" in arabic, yemma is "mother" in Marrroco-Arabic, and Madar is "mother" too in Farsi or Dari language.

Why I love my mother so much? Classic reason, she delivered me...
You can't imagine the pain-feeling of our mother when she delivering us.. Urrgh, I dont want imagine that (that's why I dont wanna be Obs-Gynecologic's Doctor), she gave me life, she also raises me when I am down and entertain me when I am in blue.  She was a lovely woman to have known and a lovely mother :)

Ommi (yes, I call her Ommi because I was educated with arabic culture) is graduated in Islamic Institute of Sunan Ampel and took "Al Adab" course graduated as a "Exemplary Student" in whole East Java, a that time Ommi is 23 years old and she already married with Baba and pregnant (it's me inside her)..

The time continues to run and I am a little boy, white-skinned (I dont know why I am so sweet chocolate now), Ommi didn't work at all, she just makes "Ikan Pepes" (red seasoning fish and grilled) and sell them to the traditional market in the early morning. We were poor at that time, and Baba left us in here, he goes to Australia to studying and teaching Al Hadeeth (he already graduated from Riyadh - KSA in Al Maleek Ibn Saoud University), However, Ommi still can smiling up to me and to my brothers..

This is Ikan Pepes

That's the thing that I most remember...
No matter how long I made story about Ommi, it couldn't describe my mother figure..I love you Ommi...

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