Hate3mel eih ba2a fe wa7ed fady?

How are you, Seyno? Oh no, I shouldn’t call you Seyno for now, it’s haram for me.

Finally it’s already couples days we are not talking anymore, I’m sure you wanna talk to me too and so do I, but in fact we are just friend, no more.
Let me tell you what’s in my heart. I like you in the very first sight, but I’m keep silent because, yeah you know that I can’t express my feeling frontally, I have a lot of fears, but my only fear for now is losing you.

I still remember when I asking you to marry a Skype. How stupid and idiot I am, why I wasn’t thinking deeply, that’s my fault and NOW I give you a hope. That’s my biggest mistake, I am torturing you with my attitude and you enjoy my torture.
I was angry and disappointed because suddenly you asked me “about our relationship” in Whatsapp, It’s like you cut the nice conversation between you and me, but you were right, you did RIGHT and Allah loves it for sure. We have no official relationship for now, I proposed you doesn’t mean you are my fiancé, but everyday I’m trying to make sure that I am engaged with you, it’s work! Worked for me but not for you, my trial trying is just torturing you as well.
I am a loser, I am really sorry for playing your feeling, but honestly I do not mean to do that, I am serious about what we planned, but once again.. You were right, myself is stranger for you. I am feeling sinful to you and your parents and your sister, especially Yemma.
I wish you still remember your promise that if you found a boy who’s better than me and asking you to marry, you should accept him..
And, with full of respect, forget me forever..

I am really sorry that I can’t send you a personal message just to say “Eid Mubarak” (I know I already tagged you an Eid Card in Facebook) because I am afraid that we can’t control ourselves and doing ma’siyat again like before.