Day 2 - Cairo Trip

7 July 2012 - Cairo

Hoaaahhhhhmmm o_-
My phone alarm waking me up, as soon as possible I am walking to bathroom to wash my face and whudu' and start praying subh... After that, I go down to the hotel lobby to surfing the internet freely, right after the sun rise, I go back to my room and saw Abdullah and Zuhdan already wake up.

The view from my room

Today trip; Egyptian Museum - XXX Museum and Dinner Cruise in Nile River

Main entrance

Huffftttt.. I don't know where to start make writing about National Egyptian Museum, this place is very full of stories, from the collections till my experience in here.
The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum, in Cairo, Egypt, is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. It has 120,000 items, with a representative amount on display, the remainder in storerooms.
Errr.... The following information pertains to the state of the museum prior to the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. The museum's Royal Mummy Room, containing 27 royal mummies from Pharaonic times, was closed on the orders of President Anwar Sadat in 1981. It was reopened, with a slightly curtailed display of New Kingdom kings and queens in 1985. Today, there are about 9 mummies displayed. One of them is the newly discovered mummy of Queen Hatshepsut.

National Egyptian Museum from outside

Pose-ing in front of mini-statue of Sphinx
In this place, my real journey in Egypt is begin. Before we enter the museum we have been briefed by museum guide for not to take picture inside the museum and make an annoying voice or noisy, and the the employee of the museum give us a headset which is the headset connected to guide microphone so we can hear the guide explanation about museum's collection via headset, this is cool. The we go inside...
Before we enter the first chamber of the museum we have to do the security check, our bags should be checked by security men, I put my mobile phone, camera, glasses and the headset in the box and put it in the x-ray machine, after that I have to queue because girls in front of me bring a lot of stuffs to be checked and my box already inside the x-ray machine, then I get them back again EXCEPT the headset!!! Positive-thinking, I thought the museum guide took it.
Actually I am the easy-to-be-bored type person. Listening to the guide just make me bored and bored (and hungry because it's lunch time) AND without headset while others using headset!
Talaaa! museum trip done, and my friends give the headsets back, except me and museum employee count the headsets... *scary music playing*... They said that the headset less one! I told Abdu, maybe someone took my headset but no one didn't take my headset. I was very scared and almost panick, everyone waiting for me for the next trip to another museum, suddenly Abdu calls me and bring me to the entrance gate again and go inside the museum to find my headset in case someone took it or fell unpurposely in one of the chamber of the museum, I told him that I didn't hold the headset since I am in the first chamber, there should be someone who took it, but he still bring me and help me to find it, maybe he's right.
Geeeez, we already in the last room and found nothing, I told Abdu I will pay the headset, it's just a stupid headset and I can buy it, I don't care about the price, I was mad because of hungry (okay, this is my weakness I can think clearly and calm down when I am hungry except for Ramadan) and thirsty and all I want is get out from that place and buy something to eat!
Abdu asking me to sitting in the chair outside of the building and he started to talk with young man who is museum employee, I asked him what he talking about, he said that I can't pay for the headset because it's not about paying (then what? It's just a headset) and the guide should be responsible about this problem! Almost 3 hours I am in the National Egyptian Building, I already reminded Abdullah by WhatsApp-ing him to check all of the SCMSA Participants bags, handbags or anything, but no result.
3 hours I am waiting just to hear Abdu, Ramy, Marwan, Khalid and Marzouk are debating with the museum employee, I was panick and tired, luckily another museum employee which are friendly one trying to talk with me, asking my name and trying to make me laugh, he introduced himself, his name is Medo (his name remind me about my classmate in my medical school) and he also asking my facebook account, but till now I couldn't find him and I've borrowed my phone to him to find his account via my facebook.
Finally the guide come, and again I heard so many shouts from him (the museum employee asks the guide to sign the paper which is stating he'll responsible about this problem, but the guide said NO), shouts and shouts. Abdu and Ramy also going to the museum office to talk with the someone who can take care about this problem, both of them are explaining to him/her that we're medical student, we are not careless people and and finally... I can go outside from the museum area with SCMSA's SS Comittee and the guide, even when we walking from museum to go outside building I still hear Abdu and friends debating with the guide, debating and debating till I can see the guide almost crying, I am feeling sorry for him.
After that moment, I am feeling like a shameless boy, I made a problem and I am feeling like I lost my dignity towards SCMSA SS comittee...

Cairo - 6.45 pm - Beside Nile River
I get out from the bus with weak measures and tired because of what happened in the National Egyptian Museum, I am walking beside Nile River to go to the Cruise Ferry, our plan is Dinner Cruise inside ferry and enjoying the entertainment inside the cruise (bellydance and dwarf dance).
Nile River and Ferry and me!

Staring for nothing
Ready for the dinner

The dinner was good, I eat a lot and enjoying the music, talking with friends and make a small silly competition with Zuhdan who can eat more he is the winner.. Suddenly, Abdel Khalek is appearing and tell me that...
The headset found in Lukas's bag.. now you don't have to worry...
At that time, I am feeling like The World stop rotating and and the time freezed... I was like...
I was like this

Like this

And finally like this

I do not understand, Lukas... Seriously...
Did Abdullah already told him to check your bag??
Why?? Why you?

After knew the truth, I have no interest with the entertainment after dinner, I go to upstair and see the wedding of the young couple, they're really pretty, satisfied watching them then I go to the next upstair to feel the wind in the Nile River and also listening to the music from my MP3 Player, nice feeling wallahi..

Night in the nile river
Enjoying the night in the Nile River is really awesome, especially feel the wind , I realy miss that moment. Finally it was my last day in Cairo, tomorrow I have to go back to hospital...

*to be continued

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