Day 3-4 Fayed City Beach

8 July 2012 - Ismailia

Nothing special SPECIAL for today, we are in the hospital for patient's visit, lecture, discussion before lab working.
Too bad, I don't have the photos while in the class or in the lab :(

Moi in front of Suez Canal Teaching Hospital

Me and friends in front of Class - Lab Building

9 July 2012 - Fayed City Beach

Beach view

Today is the same plan like yesterday, we have a class amd lab working, but today is also SPECIAL, we are gonna go to Fayed Beach.. Yaayy
Fayed is peaceful holiday paradise with year-round sunshine. On the Bitter Lake, Fayed is between Ismailia and Suez, and is said to be the nearest resort to Cairo. A relatively new resort area that is blooming, it offers a beautiful blend of palm trees, sandy beaches, clear waters and green open spaces.
What I am doing??
Swimming in the beach, playing games with friends beside swimming pool, and singing :D

Nofal and Gamal
Nofal is my tutor in the hospital, and also my arabic language teacher in Facebook, and Gamal... my best friend till I die
Gamal - Najla - Aleksandra - Malgorzata - Tahani
Gamal is really different with others, you know what I mean?
Agnieszka - Najla n frieds

Sorry guys, I am to lazy to write down all the stories, I am tired, so I'll put the photos only :D
Najla wanted to throw Tahani to the beach

Walking to the beach

What the hell I am doing?

Swimming on the beach

First time I see jellyfish with my own eye

Zuhdan, you can't swim, It's your secret *Ooopss

Enjoying the sunset (really?)

With the big boss

Abdullah's face is nearly same with his dad's face

It's the swimming pool

Overall, today trip is awesome, I love Fayed Beach, I'll go back to here soon inshAllah :')

*to be continued

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