I am so jealous with them

It's almost 2 years Syrian people fighting with the regime of Bashar Al Asad, so many people are dead and dying, where's the justice? And also Palestinian people, raining by bombs is their consumption for everyday, Mums are sleepless to make sure their children are safe, as well as Dads.
I live in Indonesia, peaceful country (for now), I can eat what I want, I can go everywhere that I want, hang out with friends, etc.

When I can be like them?

Sometimes I am feeling what I am doing is really blessed and I also thinking why people in Syria and Palestine are not same like me?
Well, my dad just came back from Palestine, he told me that people in there are good. Good?? What's your meaning, dad?, it was my question. He explained to me that people in there are not stress, they happy, they really want their house bombed by Israel or Jews so they can go to Jannah (heaven) quickly, enjoying the Allah's paradise and meet with people they love.
Dad saw a young man with his right eye is gone, I don't know why his eye is gone, what I heard from Dad's mouth is "my right eye is waiting for me in heaven" ... My heart is like punctured by the sharp object.
There's no sadness expression on their face, everything runs like usual although bombs terrorizing them

I am really jealous with them, teenagers, young men and women, shaheed, and syuhada', jannah is waiting for them. And me, stay here always whining and doing bad things, where's my solidarity, where's my feeling. I really wanted to be like them, holding a guns to protect my homeland from enemies of Islam and defending my Islam. I am so jealous with them...

Shaheed boy in Syria
A message for Indonesian kids from Palestinian girl, the point is, please pray for us

Syaikh Ahmad Yassin's wheelchair
Syaikh Ahmad Yassin's bed
With the wife (3 from the left) of Syaikh Ahmad Yassin and his son (second from the right)
With Ummu Tasneem (second from the right side), the girl in this poster is ShaheedahTasneem
Downtown of Gaza - Palestine
The bombed car, which is driven by Shaheed Ahmed Saeed Elja'bari
Israel missiles
My dad pray duhr with PM of Palestine; Ismail Haniya
Once more, there's no sad expression
This girls are singing nasheed about Gaza

Happy family in the downtown of Gaza
Happy face of Palestinian

I am Palestine
Home to many
muslims and christians
around the world
I live, I have survived
Everyday, I endure

I am Historic Palestine
I have a right to live
I have not expelled
but have been expelled
tormented and oppressed,
tortured and tyranizzed

I am Palestine
I'm not about power
but I am about freedom
Such when all three
would worship in peace
what a wonderful thing

I am Glorious Palestine
I am brave
I've withstanded crimes,
promesses and lies
But I will always have faith
May God help me prevail


kemalife said...

i lost my words when i read this. Nice post bro!

Shaleh said...

Thanks Kemal :')