I Just Wanna Simple Life-Partner

I am just ordinary man
I am not a handsome man
I am not a man who has everything

I just a man who wanna simple life-partner
I don't wanna judge she is beautiful or not
I don't wanna judge how rich she is
I don't wanna judge how high is her position

A life-partner based on the His piety
A life-partner who expecting His heaven
A life-partner who bring a bless and His willingness
I hope in the border of the time
I meet with the life-partner by His choice

A woman whose heart adrift to Him
A woman who following Sunna of Rasulullah
A woman who is being guided by Qur'an
A woman who is sincere to accept my flaws

A woman who can guide me when I am wrong
A woman who can educate our children based on Deen
A woman who can filling and completing my days
A woman who can represent me controlling my household based on Deen
A woman who love me without demanding perfection from me

I wanna love her simply
I hope she loves me too simply
As simple as I love her 
Let me harvesting His love with Him
Harvesting a longing for His face
Before I met her

I am dreaming build a beautiful palace
Although that palace is just a small cottage
Fenced by sincerity of love and affection
I wanna make my cottage is the heaven for my wife and my children

Just one wish,
To be a good husband.

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