Ideal Doctor

I promised to my self that I have to write a post about ideal doctor before I attend my rotational internship program.
Being a doctor is one of my goals, sure I still have another goals, but in here I would't talk about it.
In this post I mixed the opinion from Sandurezu 'd Syandrez and the researches -- who included Neeli Bendapudi, PhD, of Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business
Here they are:

  • Confident : The doctor's confidence gives me confidence 
  • Empathetic: The doctor tries to understand what i am feeeling and experiencing, physically and emotionally, and communicates that understand to me
  • Humane : The doctor is caring, compassionate, and kind
  • Personal : The doctor is interested in me more than just a patient, interacts with me, and remembers me as an individual
  • Forthright : Te doctor tells me what I need to know in plain language and in a forthright manner
  • Respectful : The doctor takes my input seriously and works with me
  • Thorough : The doctor is conscientious and persistent
  • Health care provider : The doctor should not take advantage of the profession he had for their personal interests. Doctors in truth is caring, dedicated, and not merely for the money. If the 'ultimate goal' to be a doctor is to make money, better quit medical school
  • Problem solver : not only my health problems but also any kind of my problems
  • Good communicator : Not only to the patient, but for anyone who is associated with him/her, including establishing good relationship with family and friends, teachers, students, colleagues, the public, and anyone. A doctor should not be silent, but not be too much to say or fussy
  • Have a faith : The doctor must believe and are sure that he is not a cure-person, but it is Allah Who heals. He realized that he was only a man destined by Allah to be a healing medium for people who are sick
  • Devoted to Allah : The doctor is the one who always keeps himself in acts that please Allah. He/she was doing all the commandments of God, and he was away from all the prohibitions of Allah. Included in the profession as a doctor, he would not do the things that make God's wrath and always pursue her love of God.
  • Clean : The doctor should be clean inside and outside, I don't want to be examined by doctor who is dirty and sloven
  • Educated : smart!

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