Hi Blog!

No, I won't say sorry anymore, it's been almost three years I know.

Wait? Why do you want to write a journal again, Alle? (Alle? Yes, my nick name is Alle for now, but you still can call me Sal or Leh).
Let me tell you why.
Now I am officially a doctor, I am working in 2 hospitals in emergency departement, and in several private clinics. Yesterday my buddy Amal (MC, writer, traveller, news anchor) texted me, he asked me where's my hospital position and he wanted me to inject Vitamin C, we did it and saw his funny nervous face is priceless lol.
After that procedure, we sit together and chit-chat, about our friend, esthetic, and finally we talked about blog/web journal. He said by writing he balancing his life (or body? I just heard "balance"), don't know why I am thinking his words till the night, he is right! I have to write again!
So that's why I am starting to write again, fyi I forgot the password to open my blogger using google account, so randomly I typed the password many times and voila! I am in!

Just wait for another stories from my life in here, see ya!

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