Hi June!

Hi June!

With your presence it means that my happy birthday month disappeared. Well, it was amazing month, meet new people, new experiences, jumped here and there to work in several hospitals and clinics.
Yeah, I received so many gifts in May, have to say Alhamdulillah, and now I am confuse how to repay them lol.
How I am supposed to eat six cakes?


I didn't always celebrate my birthday with friends, but my 25th Birthday should be special because it's my silver birthday party, should be different, right?
At the end of May I got a chance to visit Jakarta (again), crowded city but a lot of good food stall there <3 a="" font="" have="" i="" list="" make="" next="" place="" to="" visit.="" visit="" which="">

I got a new violin and now I am confuse how to play it, it's difficult for me t play the basic. and also I got a HnM winter jacket and Tee, so fancy from my dearest Ibenk. (thanks man!)

I am thinking about to change my phone, but I don't know, should I? Xiaomi Redmi 4i, the problem is only in memory, only 16 GB no place for external memory.

You can see my photos in May, favorite photos!

Swimming with the gank

TRX with gym buddies

Selfie of Silvia

Just like a boyband, duh!

My favorite man! Amal Bastian

Aurat exposed lol!

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